Our Team

Adam Gray


Adam is a Jacksonville native with a vision for a church where everyone is welcomed and everyone is loved. He brings his experience from many years of pastoral ministry in churches both large and small, formal and contemporary, to help Riverside Church at Park & King form its unique model of ministry and style of worship.

John Barry

Organist and Choirmaster

Donna Clarke

Office Administrator

Donna has lived in several states, and in Spain and Sicily. As family of a member of the Armed Forces, she has adapted her career to the places they were stationed. As a result, she helped open the first Nautilus/Fitness Center in the Mediterranean Theater,co- managed the Youth Activities program on base in Sigonella Sicily, and ran a screen print shop on base in Patuxent River, Maryland. She is a certified Montessori Teacher, an ISAT Aerobics Instructor, and has studied as a Legal Assistant. Donna and her husband, Norman, love the outdoors, family, and taking Ballroom Dance Classes.

Rodney Stewart

Facilities Manager

Rodney Stewart is a former multi-state judo champion who now puts his martial arts skill to work as Riverside’s facilities manager. When necessary, he breaks boards with his heads. Rodney not only keeps our historic building operational, he cares for and mentors many in the Riverside community with generous portions of love, good humor, and gentleness.